True or False:  Braces cause gingival inflammation or “puffy gums”

The answer is False
We at Bales Orthodontics are often asked this question.  The gingival or gum tissue does not simply “puff up” automatically because braces are placed.  The gums can become puffy due to the irritation of plaque over a long period of time.  Braces and wires can increase the chance for plaque to stick around the tooth surface so it’s important to brush AND floss regularly. 

Our advice for our patients is to divide your cleaning into thirds:  1-Gums 2-Teeth 3-Brackets.  Be sure to check all 3 areas carefully to make sure no plaque or food debris remains after brushing and flossing.  We do not want gums to look like this picture, so please do your best to keep those pearly whites clean!