We at Bales Orthodontics are often asked if clear braces stain.  Braces come in all types of shapes, colors and sizes.  The bracket simply acts as a handle so that we can hold onto the tooth and move it into the desired position using the arch wires.  The clear braces are a translucent aesthetic bracket which perfectly match the color of the teeth.  Our ceramic Clear brackets are made by 3M and are small and smooth and blend really well with your teeth.  The ceramic brackets themselves do not stain.  Sometimes we may place a small clear elastic around the bracket which can stain over time if you have food or drink that is dark in color.  The most common foods/drinks to avoid are curry, dark berries, coffee and tea.  If this is something that concerns you, please feel free to discuss this with our knowledgeable doctors and staff.  We have special tricks and other ligatures we can use to secure the wire into the braces.  Braces can be beautiful!!!