Almost everyone has to wear elastics (or sometimes commonly called rubberbands) at one point or another during orthodontic treatment. After your teeth are straightened, we ask you to wear elastics to correct your bite.  They are something you will be responsible for taking in and out.  There are many different sizes of elastics depending on your situation. If you are asked to wear elastics, you will be responsible to wear them just about 24 hours a day.  You will only take them out when you eat, otherwise you should wear them all day and night.  Elastics are usually the last step of your orthodontic treatment and if you wear them well, your treatment will take less time.  The first few days of wearing them, you will notice your teeth getting a little achy but that will subside after a couple days.  Wearing them diligently is very important because if you only wear them part time, they do not work properly. It is very important to wear them just as the doctor tells you to, otherwise, if you wear them wrong or backwards, you may do the opposite of what the goal is!  So when asked to wear them…wear them well and soon you will be wearing retainers instead!! : )