Thanksgiving is here! If you’re like us, you love to eat and in America there is no better time to enjoy a meal than at Thanksgiving. So what happens if you’re wearing braces? Wearing braces during the holidays can be challenging and  means that you have to make some different choices when it comes to enjoying the holiday food. The good new is, here at Bales Orthodontics, we have put together a simple guide to help you enjoy Thanksgiving while taking care of your changing smile.

In general, when you have braces, we ask that you avoid foods that are hard, sticky or crunchy. Hard foods increase the chances of damaging your wires and brackets, while sticky foods can get stuck between the brackets and lead to discomfort. Beyond that there are some things that you can and should indulge in. Most of the holiday treats are totally fine to enjoy.

Foods You Can Eat During Thanksgiving:

Turkey– It’s perfectly fine to enjoy as much turkey as you want.  Just remember that no one (not you or your pet) should be gnawing on a turkey bone.

Ham– If you love ham at Thanksgiving, then just like Turkey you can have as much as you like.  Try to  cut the ham into  smaller bite sized pieces to make it easier to eat.

Stuffing– Most people cant imagine thanksgiving without stuffing and in general its totally fine with braces, just make sure to avoid hard pieces such as nuts or croutons that could damage your braces.

Vegetables– As long as your veggies are cooked you are in good shape. Corn should be cut off the cob and undercooked or uncooked vegis should be avoided.

Bread and Rolls– Enjoying muffins, rolls or bread is totally fine. Just make sure that there are no nuts or gooey, sticky things.

Avoid These Foods:

Nuts- Nuts can really damage your braces. Make sure you ask before you bite into stuffing and other treats to avoid any unwanted bracket issues.

Popcorn- Sitting in front of the TV watching college football and eating popcorn is something we all enjoy, but try to avoid all forms of popcorn until you finish orthodontic treatment.

Uncooked vegetables- Vegetables are safe to eat if cooked, but in their raw form, they are too hard and may damage your braces.

Chips- Chips are too crunchy and pose risks to braces.

Caramel and sticky candies- Avoid caramel and all sticky treats that can easily get caught up in your braces.

Well that about wraps it up. Make sure to thoroughly brush your teeth after each meal.  By following these guidelines, your teeth and braces will thank you! Enjoy your holiday, have a wonderful celebration with friends and family.