How long will my braces be on? 
Do you know when I’ll be finished with Orthodontic treatment? 
When do I get my retainers?
When do I get my braces off?
These are common questions we hear almost every day in the Orthodontic office.  During our Initial Complimentary Exam, each patient can sit down with our Doctors to discuss the problems we see with you or your child’s bite.  After identifying the issues, we will recommend a few options for correcting the problem.  Once we’ve made a decision together on which treatment plan is best suited for each patient, we will give you an estimate on treatment time and treatment cost.
This estimated treatment time is exactly that:  an educated guess based on the diagnosis and treatment plan.  Everyone is different!  Orthodontic treatment time varies depending on the complexity of the malocclusion and how your teeth respond to orthodontic forces.  Some teeth move faster or slower than others. 
What affects treatment time?
Compliance:  Bite correction plays a big role in treatment time and compliance is a huge factor in bite correction.  If our patients wear elastics or other removable appliances as instructed, the bite will correct in an efficient time.  Teeth need a consistent force in order to move properly, so do as your orthodontist asks and your teeth should be straight in no time!
Oral Hygiene is also a strong contributing factor:  if brushing and flossing are done properly then treatment time should be on track.  However, if poor brushing occurs the gums become inflamed and the tooth movement is delayed.  Healthy teeth and gums move as fast as nature will allow it!