Ouch…my wire is poking what should I do??
Sometimes when teeth shift or spaces are closing, a wire may start poking out in the back by your molar or elsewhere. If a wire starts protruding do not be alarmed…these things happen.  If it happens during the weekend while the office is closed, here are some helpful tips:
A pencil eraser is a great tool to push in a pokey wire or you may use a nail clipper to clip it off if necessary.
We can always repair any wires you may have needed to cut.  Of course wax can always cover the poker until you can make it into our office.  
Here at Bales Orthodontics, we always provide emergency contacts after hours  and we will happily meet you at the office to fix the problem. Always remember to bring some wax with you when going out of town or on vacation so you have it available.  If you forget, several drug stores do sell wax if needed.
If a bracket becomes loose, you may not even notice, however if you notice one moving around, please call our office so we can make extra time to rebond it so your treatment time will not be extended. 🙂